Royal Wedding Weekend Fever



Wedding venue for Ms. Meghan Markle and Prince| image: Kensington Place


19 May 2018, is the day that the whole of the town of Windsor, England will be on halt celebrating the union of US actor Meghan Markle and Britain’s Prince Harry.

The couple was spotted Thursday afternoon for the pre-wedding welcome tea with Queen Elizabeth II. The bride’s mom and friends were also expected to attend this tea with the Queen.


British Armed forces rehearsing for the big day


Preparations for the wedding started this week in the small town and loyal royal fans have begun camping along the procession route that the bride and groom will be taking. Furthermore, Thursday saw the rehearsal of the British royal wedding carriages.

The people of Windsor have decorated the streets with flags of both the United States of America and Britain. This warm embrace shows the town’s approval of the couple’s matrimony.


Congratulatory signs, life-size photographs of the couple on windows, and people dressed as the queen’s guards can be spotted throughout the town.


Meghan Markle is the first biracial woman to marry into the royal family.  She has spoken proudly and openly about this and this union is one that people of colour all over the world are looking forward to watching.


An image from the couple’s engagement shoot|image: Kenginston Palace



Markle sadly announced that her father would not be attending the wedding. Leaving people questioning who will be walking her down the aisle.

Prince Harry asked his brother Prince William to be his best man for the wedding. This is not unusual as Harry was William’s best man at his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Thousands of people from all over England are expected to descend to Windsor this weekend. The wedding will take place at St George’s Chapel. The service will begin at St George’s Chapel at midday. At 1pm, following the service, the couple will travel around Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage, providing an opportunity for members of the public to see them and join in with the celebrations.


A candid shot from the couple’s engagement shoot|Image: Kensington Palace


It seems that the Royal fever also hit Cape Town as there will be a high tea hosted at Cellars-Hohenort in Constantia on Saturday where royal family fans will be sipping on tea, gin & tonic, and champagne while watching the wedding.

The rest of South Africa can catch the Royal Wedding live on DStv channels: ITV Choice, DStv channel 123, E! Entertainment, DStv channel 124, BBC Lifestyle, DStv channel 174, Sky News, DStv channel 402 and BBC World News, DStv channel 400.










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