Jazz on a Tuesday: Cape Town Nights


Asoka’s entrance animated|image: Asoka.co.za


Do you sometimes just crave a night out after a long Monday and an equally daunting Tuesday? Asoka on Kloof Street, has got you covered. This venue promises you an excellent menu, live jazz, and a variety of cocktails.

Asoka is a bar and restaurant situated on the corner of Kloof and Nichol street, Gardens. This venue offers customers an internationally inspired culinary experience that is hosted under their five element concept: fire (meat), wind (chicken and duck), water (seafood), earth (vegetarian), and nirvana (dessert). Their menu offers dishes for all types of palates. See menu here.

Asoka by day|image: Cape Town Magazine

The venue has an intimate and sensual vibe as it accepts minimal light from its Asian inspired style lamps as well as candles on each table. The candlelight oak tree is the venue’s showstopper as tables are placed around it and is also a source of lighting.

Yesterday, I decided to try the Jazz Tuesdays. I was advised to come early as it tended to be packed. I arrived at 8pm and the venue had some guests standing and all tables fully booked. Luckily, a couple was leaving and I secured a seat.

Live Jazz Band at Asoka | image: Cape Town Magazine

I had a sweet craving so I decided to take a look at their small but tasty dessert menu.  I had already tried the malva pudding that has the homemade custard (which I love) and ice cream. So this time around, I tried the caramel cheesecake with the vanilla which was incredibly sweet BUT tasted good.

The evening started off with a live jazz performance.  Then, the DJ arrived to soothe the place with old school Rhythm and Blues and later some House tunes. With the Cape Town pop and electro market, I was surprised by the great Deep House selection that brought in different crowds that I haven’t spotted at my usual hangout spots.

The lamps at the Victorian old house Asoka | image: klaas in session

During my visit, I spotted two national television personalities such as Man Cave’s Siv Ngesi and Expresso’s Zoe Brown with their friends. Looking for a venue for a date or get together with friends? Asoka would be ideal for a casual and social rendezvous. The music can get a tad loud and crowded especially on a Tuesday, so if you’re looking for a more quiet restaurant vibe, you can try the sister venue: Kloof Street House.

I didn’t expect a full house with good food and music on the second day of the week. So, looking for a club that’s popping on a Tuesday? Asoka on Kloof is the place to go.



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