Cape Town Restaurants that I trust with my taste buds

Coming from Port Elizabeth navigating the vast Cape Town food scene came with a lot of trial and error. However, surrounding myself with people who had more knowledge of the best eateries meant that I enjoyed the best that Cape Town has to offer. I will pass on this knowledge and share my favourite restaurants with you!

  1. Kloof Street House

    Screenshot 2019-03-19 23.50.17
    Flowery chandeliers light up this fairy themed restaurant on Kloof |image: KSH

    Situated on Kloof just upper Long Street. KSH is my favourite restaurant because it flourishes with amazing service from the attentive staff. My personal favourite starter dishes are the grilled chilli and garlic prawns as well as the calamari dish. They removed my favourite dish from their mains, but to replace that I would suggest the ostrich fillet. To end things off,  I would suggest the Malva pudding that comes with ice cream and a homemade custard (my absolute favourite).

  2. Tasha’s Waterfront or Canal Walk

    Tasha’s has quite an overwhelming menu with them having two different menus. These two being the standard tasha’s menu alongside the location menu. Browsing through these two can take some time. But they are the only restaurant that cooks my favourite Arabiata Penne Pasta (with extra chicken strips) to perfection. Yes, I tried other places and I still prefer Tasha’s. This is a tomato-based pasta with chilli and garlic. Another thing I enjoy about Tashas is the friendly staff that seem to never forget your face and their willingness to help. Side note, their cake selection is to die for!

  3. Asoka

    Centred around a Tree on Kloof |image: Asoka

    This is KSH’s sister venue and I love it on a Tuesday because it is where the party and vibe are at. I recently went with vegetarian friends and we all left there satisfied. Their concept menu has something for each pallet. You can see the previous review that I wrote on Asoka on how the menu is set out here. I always play around there. So, I suggest you do the same and ask for suggestions as the staff is familiar with the menu. Tapas are essentially finger foods so you’ll need to have at least 2-3 portions to fill up and a dessert depending on your appetite. 

  4. Balducci

    Balducci is situated at the restaurant section of the V&A on the inside |image: Balducci

    I was trying to think what my favourite dish is at Balducci and I have no idea, but I probably like that it is an affordable place for quality food. I love their ostrich lasagne and their cheesecake served at the right temperature. If I’m going on an impromptu date, this is my go-to spot because it is not an intimidating space as it is inside the V&A Waterfront which is a public space. They have a very intimidating menu that caters for whatever craving albeit meaty, vegetarian or seafood. They have a lunch special that runs throughout the year.


  5. Burger & Lobster CT on Bree St.

    The quintessential B&L lobster curving on the wall |image: The Fashion Factor

    Whenever I’m craving a good burger patty. I travel to B&L because they are the best in the game. With a limited yet delectable menu that is centred around lobster rolls and beef burgers, this place is a personal favourite. They have amazing music selection that transcends from during the day to night. I have the red light at night which sets an intimate yet bar vibe for this space. 

  6. Paranga in Camps Bay

    The classy and elegant Paranga just beneath Umi|image: Hein van Tonder

    I’m not a cocktail person. BUT The South of France served at Paranga is by far my favourite cocktail in Cape Town. The South of France is offered at some of the Kove Collection restaurants such as the Bungalow in Clifton but they serve it differently. So just go to Paranga. One of my favourites – Tanqueray No.TEN, lemon juice, rose syrup, tonic water & chamomile tea served in a wine glass.  I have never tasted anything that simple yet so good. Side note, for a seafood place, they also make a mean burger. Try anything on their menu and I promise you will not be disappointed. The ambience is beautiful and is also ideal for sunset dinner and drinks at the beachfront.

I’d love to hear what your favourite restaurants are! Let me know in the comments section or via my social media platforms!

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