Gigi Rooftop restaurant and bar: Cape Town’s New Hotspot

Plant chandeliers on Cape Town rooftop restaurant and bar
Winter nights at Gigi Rooftop

Gigi Rooftop is almost a month old and it is on everyone’s to-visit list. I can safely say that this place is indeed worth the hype. This poolside rooftop bar and eatery are situated on the sixth-floor of the Gorgeous George Hotel in Cape Town. And it is indeed gorgeous!

Besides this space being aesthetically pleasing, the kitchen is headed by Chef Bennet who was previously hosted by Cape Town’s favourite fine dining restaurants – the One&Only and Grande Provence Heritage Estate.

From the host Foreman’s friendly smile and greeting downstairs. I knew I should expect nothing but one of the best service in Cape Town. However, the dimly lit and intimate reception area did not prepare me for the vibrant space that I have been seeing on my Instagram feed for the past three weeks since they opened. I’ll be honest, Yoliswa Mqoco and Gina Jeanz sold Gigi to me.

I will say the menu gets straight to the point, unlike many places that I have been to. From the small plates to the big plates (this will make sense when you go). But then again I read somewhere that the whole idea of their menu is to keep you there throughout the day. Knowing my friends and me, you will definitely see us lounging at Gigi quite often. I saw the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. I can safely say this place is indeed well priced.

You are looking to spend around R300 to enjoy a meal and a drink at Gigi Rooftop bar albeit for lunch or dinner. I’m not a morning person, but breakfast will be a lot cheaper depending on your stomach. On that note, breakfast is served from 7am-10am. Lunch is served from 10 until 6pm. Thereafter it is dinner until the kitchen closes.

The staff is well-informed about the menu. So, they will help you out if you’re not sure what to have. And I must add that the staff pride themselves at making this space as inclusionary as possible. I know a lot of people complain that some spaces in CT generally make them uncomfortable, but this is not that type of space.

IMG_2816 2
Gorgeous George poolside marquee 

The manager Nitha alongside the different waiters that came to our table were warm and approachable. So, I spoke to Nitha and she recommended that people try Gigi on a Sunday because they have DJs on a Sunday and it just makes for a groovy Sunday which is something that I feel has been missing in Cape Town since most places are closed on a Sunday.

I am horrible at making reservations and at my first visit, I found that Gigi was fully booked. This was a Sunday.  So, don’t be like me if you are planning to visit Gigi, call them in advance to make a reservation. Reservations can be made at +27 87 898 6000. You will definitely see me there often and I hope I’ll bump into you too.

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  1. tshepisomokgabudi says:

    Love this, literally can’t wait to go for food and drinks babes😍☀️


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