The Top 5 Best Jazz Spots in Cape Town

Cape Town restaurants and bars all over the city host jazz nights and live unplugged sessions from different and local artists. I have compiled at least five spots and a facebook page that you can also consult when looking for Jazz sessions in Cape Town.

  1. The Sunday Jazz Club at Blanko Blanko High res
  2. Cape Town winter occasionally graces us with beautiful weather and Constantia is probably one of my favorite Sunday lunch spots. Blanko is one of the restaurants at the Alphen Hotel.  I love Blanko’s location and food. They serenade their Sunday guests with jazz in the afternoon between 12h30pm and 4pm.
  3. Real Wired Music is the ultimate Jazz connect
Kloof Street House Trumpet Player Image

Before we even continue with the rest of the list. I must highlight how Real Wired Music essentially helped me and directed me to most of the events below. They are an agency and production house that houses some of South Africa’s favorite live Afropop and Jazz artists and they are the people you want to keep tabs on. Especially if you’re looking for a Jazz night! So be sure to be on their Events page on Facebook and you will find links to all the different music and live shows happening in Cape Town.

3.Kloof Street House Sunday Lunch JazzKSH Jazz Poster

If you’re looking to have your Sunday lunch with some jazz in the background. KSH has live jazz in the Garden on Sundays between 1pm and 3pm. I am a huge fan of their menu and would recommend that you treat yourself to a Sunday lunch at KSH with friends, family or by yourself as it is one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town.

4. Milk and Honey Wednesday Night Jazz36882471_407262193102147_1980573900253167616_n

Milk and Honey Champagne Bar is one of my favourite Cape Town bars. Please excuse that I don’t have images that show off this beautiful space but head over to their social media platforms to see for yourself. Milk & Honey hosts Jazz Nights every Wednesday evenings. I recommend you try their experimental and quirky cocktails.

On the jazz note, their July artists promise to be a lovely show. Also, if you’re a hubbly bubbly person, they serve hubbly at this establishment.

P.s they just announced on their Facebook page that they have a new wine list. So, go ahead and try that out!

5. The Piano Bar at The Grey Hotel 

The Piano Bar at The Grey Hotel

This is the one place I haven’t been to but regularly hosts some of my favourite South African jazz artists. It is situated at The Grey Hotel around the De Waterkant area and it even has a Rooftop Bar. Looking at their websites, they have a plethora of inviting specials. I will be paying them a visit soon. There may be a cover charge for live shows. Just make sure on their website and social media.

6. Hank’s Olde Irish 
Hank Jazz

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Hank’s Jazz nights by attending other jazz nights in Cape Town. Hank’s is a whiskey bar and there is currently a Tuesdays Jazz night in collaboration with Glenlivet now in July and there is no cover charge. Live music starts at 8h30pm, be sure to make a reservation on their website.

Do you have any other Jazz spots that you think people should know about? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments section below.

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