A guide to Cape Town nightlife: Top 7 best bars and clubs to party



The Cape Town nightlife scene is more bars than it is clubs. The amount of reputable and safe clubs that one can go to is limited. I compiled a list of all the places that represent the Cape Town going out scene.

Often you’ll find that a lot of Cape Town spaces are restaurants by day and club by night. Subsequently, we use the word ‘club’ as an umbrella term for bar and at times even restaurants that close late and host DJs.

Notably, I included new bars because there is a plethora of articles on the old ones. But I did include the standard Cape Town clubs.

  1. Radisson Red Rooftop Bar Sunsets
    image by the Radisson red
  2. Situated at the Silo district, the Radisson Red’s rooftop bar surprised me as not only did it serve a 360 view of the city and a beautiful image of the Table Moutain. In terms of music, classic deep house jams are mixed throughout the afternoon towards the night. As it is situated in the Silo district, it makes sense that it is the perfect after-work social space for a lot of corporate people.
  3. Kong Cape Townkong 3.jpg
    Only a few months old, Kong Cape Town serves aesthetics and club experience in Greenpoint. With amazing lights, and the staple plant aesthetics in some parts of the club. Then, this new spot is one that you want to try soon. Open from 10am until late, Kong should be on your next ‘to-see’ social spaces list.
  4. Souk Cape Town

    image by Souk Cape Town
  5. Souk hosts my favourite DJs in the city. DJ Mamba on Fridays and Mihlali The Guy from Amapiano Sundays on Sundays. You can expect a mixture of popular music styles to be played throughout the night. For this reason, Souk is by far my favorite club in Cape Town and a weekend does not pass without me checking in when I’m in town. A night out is not complete without making a stop. NB: Amapiano Sundays are now part of the Souk Sunday club. So, your Sundays in the CBD are officially covered.
  6. Coco Cape Towncoco 1
    A champagne bar and club with the slogan ‘anything goes’. Coco is the ultimate afterparty for Souk and here you can expect an elevated clubbing experience. Advisably, try to book a table if you want to have a wholesome experience. Coco, in my opinion, is the only place where VIP feels like VIP and it all has to do with the layout of this club. In terms of music, look forward to a night that is predominately hip hop or trap leaning.
  7. Saintsaint.jpg
    Situated on Canterbury street, Saint is another premium club that hosts a variety of exclusive and curated experiences in and outside the club. Look out for Saint Summer Experiences because they tend to be a treat.
  8. Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar
    Situated on Longmarket Street, this is for those looking for a calmer night in town with no pressure to go all out. You can enjoy a drink by the bar and enjoy ambience music in the background. Their cocktails are a favorite for many and this is a good spot for the introvert as it is intimate and is almost never full. Looking for calm night? This is your spot.
  9. Kind Regards Observatory
  10. 72373984_161167705080978_9039207516448127699_n.jpgThis restaurant turned into the hub of Amapiano in Cape Town and took the Cape Town nightlife scene by storm as it attracted a plethora of students in the Southern suburbs. Situated in Observatory, this space is a restaurant by day and a club/bar by night. Kind Regards often gets filled to the brim. So, you need to book a table if you know that you have an issue with standing for too long.

In closing, the Cape Town club scene can either be a hit or a miss depending on what time of the month you go out. But as someone who is always out for a drink or many, the places below have never disappointed me.

Month-end is usually the best time yet the trickiest time to go out because that is usually when pickpocketing in the Cape Town CBD peaks. If you’re looking for a more unrestrained night out, month-end groove is your best bet.

Go see these spaces and let me know what are some of your favorite nightlife spots.  in the comments section below.

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