Clinics specifically tailored for LGBTQIA+ community in South Africa

Homophobia is still a pertinent issue in South Africa and this can often affect the way queer people receive adequate health care – especially with regards to our sexual healthcare. Fortunately, there are organisations that are actively working towards making healthcare more accessible for queer people.

This article lists the four popular healthcare clinics that you as a queer person in South Africa can go to. Please note that the article lists clinics that are in big cities as there isn’t enough information on the various organisations working in smaller towns and rural areas. 

  1. Health4men

Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Health4Men has developed extensive expertise in all areas of MSM sexual health, including HIV combination prevention and both STI and HIV treatment. By clicking on the title, you will be able to find their exact location and contact details. 

2. Triangle Project

Triangle Project is a more holistic approach to helping queer people navigate life as a queer person in South Africa. They have abundant resources from legal and psychological support for hate crime survivors and victims. 

Notably, they have a good support system for Trans health and wellbeing. From their site: ‘Referral pathways for other health support services including alcohol and drug use, abortion and family planning, accessing hormone therapy and other gender-affirming services and more.’

They are an organisation with a myriad of resources (emotional and physical) for people on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. I would suggest you visit their website to see how they could be of assistance to you. I also believe that if you’re in a smaller town and need any assistance they could connect you with someone or people within their network.

3. Engage Men’s Health

Engage’s Men’s Health is a clinic that is catered for men who have sex with men that is available in Johannesburg, Tshwane (Pretoria), Nelson Mandela Bay, and Buffalo City metros. This organisation is important because it has been set up in rural parts of South Africa wherein access to queer sexual health care is scarce.

4. Yellow Dot Doctors

For MSMs with medical aid or can afford a private doctor – you might consider a Yellow Dot Doctor. These are medical professionals in the private sector who are sensitised and informed about the sexual health needs of MSMs. They create a safe space for queer people to be treated with dignity and respect. There are over 286 doctors on the Yellow Dot doctor network. This option is for queer people who prefer private healthcare services.

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