Review: Tintswalo Atlantic, Hout Bay and Chef Warehouse

Good weather was weirdly rare in Cape Town this year and that is why we decided to exploit the one Friday afternoon that we had free to go see the new Chef’s Warehouse at Tintswalo Atlantic in Hout Bay. This beautiful restaurant is situated next to the Chapman’s Peak toll gate.

So you can imagine the views that we had the pleasure to spend almost the whole day in because we missed our lunch reservation. Situated at least 30 minutes away from Cape Town – Tintswalo Atlantic boasts a very beautiful 10 minute drive towards the Chapman’s Peak toll gate. Think mountain and ocean views simultaneously. On arrival, you are greeted by very friendly staff who confirm your booking with the restaurant at the gate.

Our booking was last minute because we booked very late and the consultant on the phone unofficially reserved our booking easily. However, securing a booking at the Chef’s Warehouse is not a phone call away. You have to either call or email and then receive their banking details to pay for your reservation before your booking can be confirmed. I believe you have to pay for your lunch or dinner which is R1500 for 2. This includes your 4 course sharing tapas. This is not inclusive of your drinks because this is a fine-dining restaurant.

Please note that you are not allowed to miss your set reservation because they work on strict times. We missed our lunchtime reservation and arrived just after two o’ clock which meant we would have to wait for dinner. This was a very lucky day because the establishment is often fully booked. So, the manager was kind enough to allow us to drink most of the day away while we waited for our dinner.

The restaurant is not your typical beach front restaurant. It is a dream come true for me because it is a fine dining experience a few meters away from the ocean. The sea is so loud that you can barely hear yourself which is perfect. I wonder how it is to stay at the lodge, because falling asleep to and waking up to the sound of waves would be something out of a romantic novel.

The food arrived around 6pm. There were three of us so we had the normal two sharing courses and one vegetarian option for my friend who doesn’t eat seafood. My initial reaction of the food was that it was experimental and didn’t have enough meat. It was mainly seafood courses with the last option being the quail meat – if I remember correctly because it was a very boozy afternoon. This was my first time having quail and it is a very interesting bird – I must say.

Overall, the food was immaculate for my friend who grew up in Europe and other parts of the world. She said that it reminded her of European flavours. I enjoyed the fish thoroughly and would highly recommend people give the restaurant a try especially if you are someone who is willing to experiment with food and flavours.

For the meat lovers, I spoke to the chef and the staff – they advised that you try out the Chef Warehouse in Beau Constantia.

Chef’s Warehouse are known for choosing beautiful spaces to house their restaurants and they outdid themselves with Tintswalo Atlantic in Hout Bay. I will definitely be visiting another Chef’s Warehouse soon.

Check out the video that I did in which I take you through the beautiful restaurant and also take you through a day out with my friends.

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