About Ali

My name is Ali Tyhilana and I am currently a BA Honours Political Communications scholar at the Unversity of Cape Town. For my undergraduate studies, I studied a BA Film and Media Production degree specialising in Multimedia Production and took up Psychology as a third major.

I  have always believed that I was a foodie until I realised that my palate is indeed more traditional and is still struggling to enjoy sushi. So, let’s say I just enjoy good food with good company at interesting spaces.

Being a restaurant, nightlife, alcohol and events enthuasiast, Thirteenfourtyfive is a platform that I started to share my insights on the lifestyle experiences around me. Also, the Cape Town restaurant scene is highly middle class and white. So, I wanted to penetrate a space that I felt a lot of people are avoiding because it often feels exclusionary. 1345 begs the question – if I was there, why can’t you go?- to anyone who feels like they can’t go to certain spaces.

Side note: if you see it on my instagram stories but I don’t write about it then I have nothing good to say. But I will do an article on those places.

Being obversant and highly opinionated part-journalism scholar. 1345 also extends its self to be a platform wherein I can interview people I look up to and also selectively share some of my views on certain topics.

I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoy creating it!