Talking the business of spaces with Siyabesho Thutha of Blaque Pearl Lifestyle

One of my favourite quotes says that nothing we decide on in life is permanent. This is true for Siybesho Tutha who went from being a corporate guy to a successful Interior Designer. The Interior Design industry is often thought of as a white woman’s industry. But people like Siya and Zimkitha are doing amazing for representation in the business of spaces.

The Top 5 Best Jazz Spots in Cape Town

Cape Town restaurants and bars all over the city host jazz nights and live unplugged sessions from different and local artists. I have compiled at least five spots and a facebook page that you can also consult when looking for Jazz sessions in Cape Town.

Gigi Rooftop restaurant and bar: Cape Town’s New Hotspot

Gigi Rooftop is almost a month old and it is on everyone’s to-visit list. I can safely say that this place is indeed worth the hype. This poolside rooftop bar and eatery are situated on the sixth-floor of the Gorgeous George Hotel in Cape Town. And it is indeed gorgeous! Besides this space being aesthetically…

“Coolest Monkey in the jungle”: A nuanced understanding of racism

“Coolest Monkey in the jungle” are the words written on an H&M hoodie which went viral and received social media backlash for being “racist”. The outcry was the result of the hoodie being modelled by a black young boy from Sweden. Even though the mother of the H&M model found this hoodie to not be…